A4 Papercuts by Peter Callesen

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"every time you
tell your daughter
you yell at her
out of love
you teach her to confuse
anger with kindness
which seems like a good idea
till she grows up to
trust men who hurt her
cause they look so much
like you."

to fathers with daughtersrupi kaur (via soliterateandstylish)

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"Life becomes easier when you learn to accept an apology you never got."

— Robert Brault (via bl-ossomed)

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International Heart Beat Sounds [chapmangamo]

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Even if we are separated


Even if we can’t meet up with each other


This heart, will think of you


I’ll watch over you


Whenever it may be


If you think of me


I’ll be by your side.


— 日笠陽子, 終わらない詩 (via retain-sentiment)

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